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7th Year Nr. 73 - Sunday, December 15th 2019.



... or how to spend a great Monday!

By Karin de Graauw


2009 is definitely the year of innovation for BBT Online! It started with the new look bi-monthly magazine, corporate readers were given a voice in the regular “Quickie” interview, Take 5, our brand new bi-weekly newsletter, brings the hottest news in MICE-land and now…BBT Events!

Mondays are on the whole not our favorite day, but Monday March 9th was definitely an exception to the rule for those participating in our first BBT Online Event at Dolce La Hulpe Brussels!
Incentive Houses, Corporates & Associations and a few preferred partner suppliers made for an interesting and definitely fun mix on this beautiful sunny day which started for some of us….in the snow!

BBT Online@Dolce BBT Online@Dolce BBT Online@Dolce
BBT Online@Dolce BBT Online@Dolce BBT Online@Dolce
BBT Online@Dolce BBT Online@Dolce BBT Online@Dolce
BBT Online@Dolce BBT Online@Dolce BBT Online@Dolce

Dolce La Hulpe Brussels spoiled us from the word go: a great welcome coffee during registration in the gorgeous lobby and a personal approach by the dynamic team. A group of 45 BBT Online readers then set out to discover the first activity of the day: The Cube!

The team of Annapurna, owners of The Cube concept, took us in 3 groups to the bowels of the hotel and we descended to the secret underground lab. There we were confronted with the need to produce life-saving serum within 120 minutes in order to be able to escape! The 3 groups had to execute a number of activities in separate chambers which could only bring a positive result by working together as a team: the maze where most of us got lost, the quiz questions to be solved and the room where we had to generate our own electricity…all designed for collaboration between team members but also for maximum fun! A team of professional ‘professors’ helped us achieve enough serum to escape the lab and save the world…and all that before lunch!

Combined with the outside activity ‘Lost’, The Cube can handle groups up to 200 participants, a great way to get to know colleagues and friends!  by

What the participants had to say about The Cube:

Really fantastic. Exciting & well organized.
It will appeal for sure to our Corporates.
Anastasia Tziamalis, Corporate Groups & Events, American Express Business Travel

Really good for teambuilding. It started off quietly, but then got really animated.
It’s something different.
Marianne Hoogeveen, Managing Director, Contour Consult

BBT Online@Dolce BBT Online@Dolce BBT Online@Dolce
BBT Online@Dolce BBT Online@Dolce BBT Online@Dolce
BBT Online@Dolce BBT Online@Dolce BBT Online@Dolce

Smiling faces surfaced again in time for lunch. We drunk champagne and a selection of wines and soft drinks, and ate some very original and tasty hot and cold preparations. …It was time to network, meet new colleagues and old friends, enjoy the good food over a great drink and enjoy the comfortable surroundings….

The real ‘zen’ part came after lunch when our 3 groups of 15 each (45 persons is the maximum number the spa Cinq Mondes can take as group activity) rotated from one ‘zen’ activity to another. There was an introduction to yoga by a lady who taught us how to breathe better and even after our delicious lunch, we could feel the stress ebbing away! Yoga was followed by an introduction to Tai-Chi: it looks easy, but to achieve the flowing elegance as demonstrated by our teacher, I fear most of us had some serious work ahead of us. Mind you, just the fact that we were in one of the sun drenched meeting rooms of the Dolce Conference Centre was enough to make us feel inspired and relaxed, and the exercise helped us on the way to the last, and by no means least activity of the afternoon: a treatment at the brand new Spa ‘Cinq Mondes’. A haven of peace, beautiful treatment rooms, highly professional staff ….wrapped in a fluffy bathrobe we were taken in hand for a selection of treatments that left us so relaxed that ..we did not really want to leave….what a great ending to an even greater day…
Over a final coffee, tea or juice – served with wicked sweet munchies! – you could feel the general air of contentment of the entire group, all were quietly satisfied and relaxed.

The general consensus was definitely that it was many moons since we’d had such a great start to the working week…and all participants discovered an interesting venue with a great mix of possibilities…We will be back!!

Sincere thanks to our partners Dolce La Hulpe Brussels and Annapurna Consult for making the first BBT Online Event an unforgettable and most enjoyable experience…A high standard has been set … future partners be warned! Another point that we’d like to underline was the friendliness of the staff. From the reception, to the restaurant, to the spa Cinq Mondes – in short, everywhere! Many of the attendees remarked on this. Very clever of Dolce La Hulpe Brussels, because this level of service in times of crisis really does make the difference.

BBT Online@Dolce BBT Online@Dolce
BBT Online@Dolce BBT Online@Dolce
BBT Online@Dolce BBT Online@Dolce
BBT Online@Dolce BBT Online@Dolce
BBT Online@Dolce BBT Online@Dolce

What the participants had to say about the event:

“Thanks a lot for inviting us to the event yesterday! It was a great combination of activities, in a nice setting, with a perfect size of group, topped with excellent food and company. I wish every Monday could be like that!”
Sara Andersson Arrhenius, Communications & Event Manager
DHL Global Customer Solutions

“I wanted to thank you and your colleagues and all those who participated in this great day.  I really enjoyed every bit of it and found the concept very interesting. I hope I get soon the opportunity to organize something that fun for our colleagues.”
Maryse Halet, Manager, HR Administration & Compensation
Volvo Construction Equipment

“First of all, I’d like to thank you for the fantastic day yesterday. I enjoyed every minute of it.
The Cube is an “experience” that will be hard to forget. And I must say that the spa experience was a positive surprise. I was also struck by the friendliness of the staff.”

Anne-Marie De Vos, Executive Assistant & PR Co-ordinator
Norbert Dentressangle Logistics Belgium

BBT Online@Dolce BBT Online@Dolce

“Congratulations on this super day. It was really delightful.”
Anne Cormond, Managing Director, Preference

“It was an excellent day. From the beginning till the end. A real hit. The Cube was fun, with something for everyone. It is an outstanding mix of intellect, sport and amusement. Super concept. The lunch was great with really excellent food.
The introductory courses were also very interesting and relaxing, a great experience. And ending with a treatment in the new spa really was the cherry on the cake.”

Anouk Carryn, Managing Director, ACTE Travel & Events


Georgia, oh Georgia

By Eric Rozenberg, CMP, CMM, HOE, FONAS, President Ince & Tive


Sunday 8th February, Georgia World Conference Center is welcoming MPI, just in front of the CNN Center in Atlanta.

Formerly known as ‘PEC-NA’, MPI’s “MeetDifferent” Conference was truly a different conference where industry information, education and networking reached an all time high and could not come at a more appropriate time.

MPI members and the global meeting industry are experiencing an unprecedented economic and political upheaval -costing communities jobs and paralyzing businesses from using meetings and events to drive results. While the POintingeconomic crisis is getting deeper worldwide, the Meetings and Events Industry is now under attack and is suffering from a perception problem. Corporations holding meetings are perceived as throwing the money out of the window … even when those meetings consist exclusively of sales force or distributors training … and even if those meetings are providing jobs to thousands of workers in the Hospitality Industry, of which Meetings and Events account for +/- 20% and taxes to the Government! Did you know that our Industry employs more people than the Automotive Industry … ?

In the absence of Larry King and Anderson Cooper, the opening general session, One+ Realtime, featured Larry Luteran, MPI Chairman and Bruce MacMillan, MPI President and CEO, who set the tone and gave us the perspective for the future while economist Don Reynolds clearly and simply explained the origins of the current crisis. Several panels with industry executives provided very valuable information to the participants … and to all of those who watched it streaming live on the web. Terry Savage from CNN facilitated the entire session and even pulled out some questions texted from the audience and appearing on a small screen in front of her. This Opening General Session was the most engaging, informative and interactive one I have ever attended and the feedback I heard from others confirmed to me that we all thought the same. I encourage you to see for yourself and to go to to view these archived  sessions.

Education sessions were available for all type of experienced attendees, from the beginners to the very senior corporate planners and we also had the opportunity to discover in great length the results of FutureWatch 2009 and EventView 2009 surveys which both provide invaluable data. Not surprisingly, Meetings and Events are still rated the best Marketing tool to provide ROI for corporations looking to increase their sales, solidify their brand identity and strengthen their relationships with their customers.

From the Trade Show to the Unconference Session, several new formats were implemented. In the meantime, MPI yesManagement was adding sessions based on the current situation with the TARP environment (Troubled Assets Relief Program) and providing all MPI members with information and action items. Would you believe that over 50% of the content was changed in the last two months preceding MeetDifferent in order to stick as close as possible to the changing reality. Very impressive work!

Various networking events were also organized throughout the Conference, giving the 1800 attendees a chance to connect and interact with each other. From the Welcome Reception at The Atlanta Aquarium to the Foundation Event at the World of Coca-Cola, the entire city demonstrated its expertise in holding large meetings and welcoming people from all over the world. The only thing that really surprised me is that it is easier to find a Coke Zero in Brussels than it is in Atlanta … Coke’s Worldwide Headquarters.

Eric Rozenberg, MPI Vice-Chairman Administration of the International Board.
Eric can be reached at or +32-2-772.5505.


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